About Us

Vimnotes is a website dedicated to providing comprehensive guides, tutorials, tips and tricks for Vim – the highly configurable, cross-platform and powerful text editor. With its unique modal editing style and immense customizability, Vim has become the editor of choice for programmers, developers and power users across operating systems.

Our mission at Vimnotes is to become the ultimate resource for all things Vim. We aim to help both beginners and advanced Vim users master this versatile editor and leverage its capabilities to the fullest for programming, coding, writing and text editing.

The Vimnotes website offers various sections catered to different needs of Vim users:

  • Beginner’s Guides – Step-by-step tutorials covering Vim installation, basic navigation, modes, opening/saving files and other foundations to get started.
  • Intermediate Tips – Practical tips and tricks to help familiarize with Vim’s unique modal editing, text objects, buffers, windows, search/replace and more.
  • Advanced Techniques – Power user techniques for customization via .vimrc, plugins, macros, managing projects and building an IDE-like workflow.
  • Reference – Comprehensive references for Vim scripting language, commands, shortcuts, configuration options and built-in plugins.

What makes Vimnotes unique is our practical, hands-on approach with plenty of examples in our guides and tutorials. We don’t just explain Vim functionality, but guide users to apply the concepts for boosting everyday productivity.

The Vimnotes editorial team comprises dedicated Vim power users, expert programmers, developers and technical writers. We are continually improving the website by adding new content, updating existing tutorials and enhancing site functionality based on user feedback.

Vimnotes values building a helpful, inclusive and respectful community to promote learning. We welcome content suggestions, feedback and contributions from Vim users at all levels through our interactive forum.

As passionate proponents of Vim’s capabilities, our ultimate goal is to provide the knowledge users need to make the most of this highly flexible editor. We believe our tutorials, tips and techniques will empower any aspiring or seasoned Vim user to enhance their text editing efficiency.